Global Semiconductor Development Trend Outlook

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The Internet of Everything is based on intelligent interconnection. I am not able to analyze this aspect so thoroughly, but I still have to mention it because it is now an industry development trend. The realization of the Internet of Everything is the ultimate goal of the entire Internet of Things industry. Nitin said. According to IoT Analytic statistics, the number of active IoT terminals in the world is expected to grow to 27 billion units in 2025, but there is still a large gap from the hundreds of billions market expected by the industry. "So many industries are promoting digital transformation. "Many companies are also actively launching solutions that integrate AI, visual computing and processing technologies to seize business opportunities."
Electrification and autonomous vehicles
Electrification is clearly one of the future trends.
Although the entire autonomous driving is still hovering before the L3 level, people have begun to pay attention to which sensors will be used at the L4 and L5 levels. The development of charging piles, powertrains and transmission systems has also brought more opportunities to power semiconductors. Nitin exclaimed, "Actually, this is my first time coming to Shenzhen. It can be said that I am deeply impressed by the high penetration rate of electrification in this city. From the moment I got off the plane, I noticed that all kinds of electrified public buildings can be seen everywhere. The facilities opened my eyes.
Smart manufacturing
According to World Bank estimates, 18% of global GDP comes from manufacturing, with the entire industry reaching US$17 trillion. The manufacturing industry occupies an important position in Europe. Nitin said: “With the EU’s policy support for the smart manufacturing industry, Europe seems to be moving towards the era of intelligence. The interconnection of everything and the intelligence of everything are happening.”
In addition, Nitin Dahad is also optimistic about emerging semiconductor application fields such as smart cities, smart medical care, and industry 4.0.
Generative AI
The phenomenal popularity of ChatGPT has promoted the explosion of generative AI. At this year's NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference, Huang Renxun also talked about generative AI, which shows that it is equally popular.
The development of semiconductor technology is driving changes in all walks of life in the world. Over the past 30 years, the continuous evolution of integrated circuit applications has become an important driving force for EDA innovation and development. From the early PC era to the mobile Internet era, and now to the current artificial intelligence era, EDA has successively supported the continuous development of CPU, Arm, and GPU performance. At the same time, in the process, EDA has also been reversely driven by these applications.
Regarding the development of the semiconductor industry itself, Nitin believes that EDA companies' use of AI to empower chip design, as well as the rise of chiplets and open source instruction set architectures, will change the entire industry.
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