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Dry cabinets can store electronic components

We all know that moisture is a fatal injury to electronic components. This problem is exacerbated with the use of moisture-sensitive components such as thin fine-pitch components and ball grid arrays, presenting a serious challenge to electronics storage. The electronic moisture-proof box can protect electronic components in a targeted manner and prevent damage to electronic components caused by moisture. Moisture is extremely harmful to electronic components. Although the glass substrates, polarizers, and filter sheets of liquid crystal devices such as liquid crystal displays are cleaned and dried during the production process, they will still be affected by moisture after cooling down, reducing the pass rate of products. Therefore, after washing and drying, it should be stored in a dry environment below 40% RH. The electronic moisture-proof box can provide such an environment for electronic components. If the finished electronic machine is stored in a high-humidity environment for a long time, it will cause failure. For computer boards such as the CPU, the gold fingers will be oxidized and cause poor contact and failure. The humidity of the production and storage environment of electronic industrial products should be below 40%. Some types of electronics require even lower humidity levels. The electronic moisture-proof box can control the humidity, which is the best choice for storing electronic components. Electronic components are between semi-finished products in packaging and the next process, before PCB packaging and between packaging and power-on, after unpacking but not yet used ICs, BGAs, PCBs, etc., devices waiting for soldering in tin furnaces, after baking Components to be warmed up, unpackaged finished products, etc. will be harmed by moisture. Therefore, professional electronic moisture-proof boxes are needed to strictly control the humidity of the air in workshops and warehouses, so as to achieve the best air relative humidity standards required for electronic component workshop production and warehouse storage.

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What is the difference between a dry cabinet and a nitrogen cabinet?

Ordinary dry cabinets can only meet the normal moisture-proof storage requirements of most materials; but for some materials that are easily oxidized, dry cabinets may not be of much use. Therefore, the biggest difference between the moisture-proof cabinet and the nitrogen cabinet is that the nitrogen cabinet can better protect the product from oxidation and also play a role in moisture-proof, and can quickly reduce the humidity in the cabinet to achieve the effect of rapid dehumidification. The use of nitrogen cabinets is mainly for the anti-oxidation storage of various oxidation-sensitive materials and devices. The current nitrogen cabinet is widely used in many industries. With the development of technology, nitrogen cabinets have also appeared in different operating modes. When using a nitrogen cabinet, try to ensure that the humidity in the cabinet does not fluctuate greatly. On the one hand, the performance of the industrial moisture-proof cabinet---the dehumidification speed is used to guarantee the humidity recovery of the opening and closing doors; Open and close the door to take materials and other methods to ensure that the opening time of the moisture-proof box is as short as possible. Generally, it is better to control the time of opening and closing the door to take materials within 30 seconds, the shorter the better. In fact, the inert gas in the nitrogen cabinet cannot fill the cabinet 100%. Therefore, the anti-oxidation of the nitrogen cabinet cannot be absolutely oxygen-free. In other words, the items stored in the nitrogen cabinet will still be oxidized. However, compared to the normal environment, the oxidation of the items stored in the nitrogen cabinet has become extremely slow. In its use, these few oxidations are within the acceptable range. The oxidation protection of these items has then been successful. Nitrogen cabinets that can achieve ultra-low humidity capabilities can be used by filling industrial moisture-proof cabinets with nitrogen. The industrial moisture-proof box itself has the ability to achieve low humidity. At this time, filling nitrogen can not only achieve low humidity, but also achieve an environment full of inert gas, which can truly achieve the best anti-oxidation effect!

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Dry cabinet based on the dehumidification principle of the physical host

The principle of the dehumidification host of the electronic moisture-proof box can be roughly classified into the following three types 1. High-tech physical adsorption dehumidification 2. Frosting and dehumidification of frozen wafers 3. Heating type Comparison of dehumidification elements 1. High-tech physical adsorption dehumidification   * With a history of 100 years of use, various drying materials that do not need to be replaced can be used repeatedly, and there is no problem that the selection of materials affects the service life. However, the formula/surface area/suction and exhaust application of the desiccant material is Know How; by making good use of this technology, various dehumidification speeds/dehumidification ranges/dehumidification control/dehumidification limits can be adjusted in the same host, which is convenient for users to use/ The rights and interests of service/upgrade are the most guaranteed.   * Dehumidification does not rely on electricity (only electricity is needed when dehumidifying) and the porous capillary moisture absorption of the drying material is almost never saturated, so it can maintain a certain dehumidification and moisture-proof function when the power is off.   *Moisture is firmly trapped by the van der Waals force in the dry material that can be reheated and recycled, and the quality of the dry material will not be affected.   *The moisture absorption capacity of the desiccant material is not affected by the low temperature of the external environment, so it can also maintain good dehumidification performance in cold and humid winters.      2. Frozen wafer dehumidification and dehumidification   *Semiconductor frozen chips that are cold and hot while being powered on, the quality of the chip and the dehumidification design of the chip will definitely affect the performance and life of the chip. Due to the dehumidification of frost (water) by the temperature difference between cold and hot, it is impossible to achieve real low humidity capability.   *If the power is cut off, the function will be completely lost, and the humidity of the frosted water will rise. If the design is not proper, it may cause floods. *Moisture forms frost and water on the cold end of the chip. Even with waterproof treatment, the quality of the chip may still be affected by long-term soaking in water, and the process of frost and water involves continuous power failure (water)/power on (junction) Frost) all affect the quality of the wafer.   * Chip dehumidification due to the temperature difference between hot and cold of the chip In low temperature winter, due to the reduced temperature difference, the dehumidification power is weakened (such as a dehumidifier) will be insufficient for wet and cold winter.   3. Heating type   Using the principle of temperature rise and humidity drop, moisture is not removed. In the early days, there were a lot of moisture-proof cabinets for slides/official documents/microscopes/equipment, all of which were adopted in this way. Due to the effect of thermal deterioration, they were rarely (or no longer) supplied by the early 2010s, and some manufacturers switched to making them. Chip type electronic moisture-proof box dehumidification comparison 1. High-tech physical adsorption dehumidification   Using precision ceramic PTC heating to break the van der Waals force to turn water into water vapor, supplemented by shape memory alloy precision micromechanics to open the airtight valve to exhaust. Precision ceramic heating/shape memory alloy precision micromechanical valve control are mature advanced technologies and key components that have passed the durability test of other mature commercial products. 2. Frosting and dehumidification of frozen wafers   Using the natural gravity phenomenon of frosted water + small water droplets to form water droplets to drip into the water guide hole and then use water-absorbing fiber/sponge to drain water, it is a very simple structure. Durability comparison 1. High-tech physical adsorption dehumidification   * There are no key parts that are easy to break, and the entire dehumidification system is almost purely mechanical   *Power failure can also prevent moisture   *Function remains unchanged in wet and cold winter   * All-round dehumidification and control capabilities   *The world's largest leading brand of electronic moisture-proof boxes adopts this method, and has established a good reputation of more than one million long-term users in Taiwan/Japan (Taiwan nearly 20 years, Japan 30 years) 2. Frosting and dehumidification of frozen wafers   * The quality/design of the frozen chip itself is a place that needs to be very careful and prone to problems. The entire dehumidification system is 100% controlled and operated by the circuit.   *Power outages cannot prevent moisture and will also counteract moisture.   *Function may be weakened in wet and cold winter.   *Insufficient low humidity capability.   * It was introduced in the early days, and the reputation of durability is not good. The quality/design of the chip is still the key factor. Comparison of the difficulty of making 1. High-tech physical adsorption dehumidification Involves such as: drying material formula and application technology of all-round removal and humidity control/shape memory alloy quality technology/PTC heating, heat dissipation and application technology/aerodynamic application technology of natural or forced moisture in and out...etc. And key parts acquisition and quality control capabilities, so it is not easy to imitate, even if it is imitated, it is not easy to do well, which is why there are not many manufacturers based on this technology. 2. Frosting and dehumidification of frozen wafers   As long as you buy chips/circuits from frozen chip manufacturers, you can make them. This is the main reason why so many manufacturers have launched chip-type electronic moisture-proof boxes.

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How to choose the right dry cabinet

1. The cabinet itself must have good airtightness, in addition to effectively preventing external humid air from infiltrating into the cabinet, but there is no certain standard in the industry for what is effective and suitable airtightness for this part, or The relevant instruments can be measured, so we can only make some word-of-mouth judgments based on the user's feelings and experience. It is recommended to check the brand word-of-mouth status on the Internet as a basis for judgment before purchasing. 2. The dehumidification core is the most important part of an electronic moisture-proof box. The technology of this part is divided into two categories. The principle has been mentioned above. Please choose the most suitable method according to your own needs. But please note that basically the entire electronic moisture-proof box is the part that most likely needs maintenance services. When it fails, you don’t want to carry the whole unit to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, so whether the dehumidification heart is a module Modern design and manufacturing are very important. Taking the dehumidification heart of the electronic moisture-proof box as an example, you only need to remove the four screws on the back of the heart of the moisture-proof box, and then you can take it off and take it to or send it to the customer service center for replacement or repair or even a specific model. It is very convenient, fast, and simple. Another important point That is, we hope that the durability of the electronic moisture-proof box will be safe, durable, effective and highly reliable, because the things inside are the things that we cherish, treasure and value. Of course, we hope that its durability must be high! So we must regard electronic moisture-proof boxes as the concept of durable goods! Treat it like a refrigerator or rice cooker at home, and it usually takes at least 10 years to use it. After all, everyone’s refrigerator and rice cooker have been used for more than 10 years, and no one will replace them in two or three years. And friends who have used electronic products have a basic common understanding, that is, the more complex electrical appliances with more functions, they are usually less durable, the fewer electronic components, and the machine-style electrical products are really better than ordinary electrical appliances. It can be durable, so don't think that the more dehumidifying heart functions, the better it is. Usually, it also represents the probability of failure, which must be taken into consideration. 3. Misunderstanding of humidity monitoring and hygrometer Probably due to the use of computers in modern times, every time we see computers, digitalization, and digital control, we always feel that this is more high-tech, so we think digital display is better for weight scales and thermometers! More accurate! However, in fact, the thermometer can never be viewed with such a concept. Because humidity is different from temperature and weight, it is not an absolute value but a relative value. Humidity will have different meanings with temperature, such as 40% RH relative humidity at 15 degrees c and 40% RH relative humidity at 20 degrees c The 40% of the indicated value is different. If the digital type cannot correct this part of the difference, the value is actually of no reference value, and the hygrometer electronic type also distinguishes two types: resistive type and capacitive type. Generally, most of the electronic thermometers below 400 yuan are resistance type, and its production cost is low, of course, the precision is relatively poor. Just imagine, an electronic moisture-proof box under 600 yuan, consider to see if his hygrometer uses a so-called electronic hygrometer, after deducting the cost of the cabinet and dehumidification heart, how good do you think his hygrometer will be? What about the induction electronics? If he also claims that he can control the dehumidification humidity according to the humidity you set, can you really believe him? This so-called exaggerated description of the advertisement, I want you to understand the secrets that the manufacturers behind them will not tell, and I think you should be able to judge the situation by yourself. 4. It is best to design the hygrometer separately from the dehumidifier heart. The reason is actually very simple. One is that when your dehumidifier heart needs to be repaired, the separate design is definitely easier than the one with the hygrometer. , and when your hygrometer needs to be corrected, removing it will not affect the independent work of the dehumidification heart. Another very important reason is objectivity. Think about it, the dehumidification heart has its own humidity sensing part, and the hygrometer itself also has its own way of measuring humidity. Basically, the two separate and do not affect each other, although the humidity does not need to be accurate. To the poor 3% or 5% situation, after all, you can’t feel the difference between 40%RH and 45%RH, and the humidity will not cause mildew just because of 45%RH and 50%RH If the situation arises, and because the two sensing humidity are two different parts, it is more objective, and it is not easy to be affected by the difference between the displayed value of the hygrometer and the real situation. You can also conveniently choose hygrometers of different brands to use according to your needs. Of course, this disadvantage is that the humidity calibration point may be different due to the difference in the brand of the hygrometer. The difference between the detection of the hygrometer and the dehumidification heart itself will appear, and there may be doubts about whether the humidity of my moisture-proof box is accurate. . Based on the above two points, the design of the separate hygrometer not combined with the dehumidification heart is definitely advantages and disadvantages. This point provides reference suggestions for purchase. 5. Other factors to consider when purchasing: such as product brand awareness, customer experience, energy saving, whether there is still a certain dehumidification capacity during a power outage, usability inside the cabinet, degree of freedom of adjustment, appearance design, etc. , In addition, when people buy things now, they will go online to check everyone's unboxing articles, user experience, and reviews from people who have bought them, etc. I think they are another basis for reference.

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