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It can be used for storage of ICs, BGAs, precision electronic components, special chemicals, semiconductor devices, optical electronic devices, printed circuit boards, optical films and lenses, precision instruments and meters.
Product Features :
1. The cabinet is made of 1mm and 1.2mm high-quality steel plates. It has multiple reinforcement structures, good load-bearing performance, overlapping structure design and good sealing performance.
2. The surface of the cabinet is treated by 18-step orange-peel paint, which has highly corrosion resistance.
3. The door is inlaid with 3.2mm high-strength tempered glass. It is designed with anti-tilt structure. Integrated with a pressure handle lock, with anti-theft function. The bottom is mounted with movable brake wheels for easy movement and fixing (anti-static casters are anti-static).
4. Ultrahigh brightness LED display, temperature and humidity sensor using the original American brand honeywell, with temperature and humidity independent display, has long service life. Humidity can be set and has a memory function, no need to set after power off.
5. The humidity display range is from 0% to 99% RH, and the temperature display range is from -9 °C to 99 °C. Display accuracy: humidity ± 3% RH; temperature ± 1 °C.
6. We are the only company in the industry has cabinets intelligent control systems. The working time can be determined automatically by the humidity inside the machine, which saves energy and extends product life. The main body casing is made of high temperature flame retardant material to eliminate hidden dangers.
7. After the power is cut off, the physical moisture absorption function can still be used to continue dehumidification, and the humidity rise will not exceed 10% within 24 hours.
8. We have CE certification and RoHS certification for this product.

The main technical parameters:
Humidity range : 1% ~ 3% RH automatic adjustable
Material: cold rolled steel plate
Inner size : W898 * D572 * H1698mm
Outer size : W900 * D600 * H1890mm
Shelf : 5 layers
Shelf load : 100KG;  FCL load : 500KG
Power supply : 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Average Power : 80W
ESD color: black (Standard supply is ESD)

N.W:106kg; G.W:110kg; Meas:100*70*206cm

Options for customer’s special demands:
1) data logging system by USB connection with computer for data reading and printing;
2) security code lock;
3) alarm system with light tower; Buzzer alarm system;
4) heating system up to 40°C, for low temperature baking;
5)  independent segregated compartments.
6) stainless steel cabinet.
7) It can be installed with N2 dehumidification function to achieve fast dehumidification effect (except 100L).

Humidity range : 1%-3%RH automatic adjustable
Material: cold rolled steel plate
Inner size : W898 * D572 * H1698mm
Outer size : W900 * D600 * H1890mm
Shelf : 5 layers
Shelf load : 100KG; FCL load : 500KG
Power supply : 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Maximum Power: 340W
Average Power : 15W
ESD color: black (Standard supply is ESD)
N.W:106kg; G.W:110kg; Meas:100*70*206cm







Humidity control range

20%~60% RH adjustable

10%~20% RH adjustable

1%~10% RH adjustable

1~3% RH adjustable


Average power






Maximum power







Cold rolled steel plate

Inner size

W898 * D572 * H1698mm

Outer size

W900 * D600 * H1890mm

Shelf quantity


Shelf load


FCL load


Power supply

110V/220V 50/60HZ






E means ESD; ESD color: black (Standard supply is ESD); NON-ESD (White)

Dry Cabinet Scope and Storage Reference:

Relative Humidity Suitable storage of items

Paintings, antiques, paper money, old books, Fax paper, copy paper


Camera, video cameras, lenses, microscopes, endoscopes, binoculars, magnetic tape, disks , records, film, negatives, positive film, musical instrument, stamps, furs, medicinal materials, tea , coffee, cigarette etc.

Precision dies, measurement instruments, all electronic parts, pc boards, metallic powders, semiconductors, medical supplies etc.
20%or less Sample, standard measuring tool, seeds, pollen, seedlings etc.
10%~20% Electronic Components,IC,BGA,etc.
10% or less Particularly sensitive to humidity of materials, such as requiring a higher IC, BGA, etc.

1. Can you customize the product?

Yes, we can customize any products according to customer’s requirements.

2. Which payment terms are you doing?

T/T (Bank telegraphic transfer,100% payment in advance.).
PayPal (Paypal only pay less than $500, and must be transported by Express.).
West Union.

3. Which shipment is available?

Sea freight, air transport, rail transport, international express or as your requirements.

4. Which country you have been exported?

Our products have been exported to many countries, more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

5. How long is the delivery time?

It’s about 7-20 days.

6、What trade methods do you offer?
The trade methods we support are FOB, FCA, CIF,EXW,DDU.
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About Ejer
Ejer Tech.(China) is a high-tech enterprise, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of the dry cabinets and other electric equipment. The headquarters is in Hangzhou, sits adjacent to Alibaba's global headquarters. There are branches all over the country. Our products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions. The main products are various types of electronic dry cabinets, nitrogen cabinets and other electronic equipment, which are used for storing moisture-sensitive materials. They are widely used in the fields of electronics industries, research institutions, government agencies, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and etc. The quality of our products is stable and reliable, thus are trusted by the customers worldwide.






Company Honor
  • ISO9001:2015
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • CE 380
  • WEEE
  • UK IP

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