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Dry cabinets can Store Electronic Components


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We all know that moisture is a fatal injury to electronic components. This problem is exacerbated with the use of moisture-sensitive components such as thin fine-pitch components and ball grid arrays, presenting a serious challenge to electronics storage. The electronic moisture-proof box can protect electronic components in a targeted manner and prevent damage to electronic components caused by moisture.

Moisture is extremely harmful to electronic components. Although the glass substrates, polarizers, and filter sheets of liquid crystal devices such as liquid crystal displays are cleaned and dried during the production process, they will still be affected by moisture after cooling down, reducing the pass rate of products. Therefore, after washing and drying, it should be stored in a dry environment below 40% RH. The electronic moisture-proof box can provide such an environment for electronic components.

If the finished electronic machine is stored in a high-humidity environment for a long time, it will cause failure. For computer boards such as the CPU, the gold fingers will be oxidized and cause poor contact and failure. The humidity of the production and storage environment of electronic industrial products should be below 40%. Some types of electronics require even lower humidity levels. The electronic moisture-proof box can control the humidity, which is the best choice for storing electronic components.

Electronic components are between semi-finished products in packaging and the next process, before PCB packaging and between packaging and power-on, after unpacking but not yet used ICs, BGAs, PCBs, etc., devices waiting for soldering in tin furnaces, after baking Components to be warmed up, unpackaged finished products, etc. will be harmed by moisture. Therefore, professional electronic moisture-proof boxes are needed to strictly control the humidity of the air in workshops and warehouses, so as to achieve the best air relative humidity standards required for electronic component workshop production and warehouse storage.