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What is the Difference Between a Dry Cabinet and a Nitrogen Cabinet?


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Ordinary dry cabinets can only meet the normal moisture-proof storage requirements of most materials; but for some materials that are easily oxidized, dry cabinets may not be of much use. Therefore, the biggest difference between the moisture-proof cabinet and the nitrogen cabinet is that the nitrogen cabinet can better protect the product from oxidation and also play a role in moisture-proof, and can quickly reduce the humidity in the cabinet to achieve the effect of rapid dehumidification.

The use of nitrogen cabinets is mainly for the anti-oxidation storage of various oxidation-sensitive materials and devices. The current nitrogen cabinet is widely used in many industries. With the development of technology, nitrogen cabinets have also appeared in different operating modes. When using a nitrogen cabinet, try to ensure that the humidity in the cabinet does not fluctuate greatly. On the one hand, the performance of the industrial moisture-proof cabinet---the dehumidification speed is used to guarantee the humidity recovery of the opening and closing doors; Open and close the door to take materials and other methods to ensure that the opening time of the moisture-proof box is as short as possible. Generally, it is better to control the time of opening and closing the door to take materials within 30 seconds, the shorter the better.

In fact, the inert gas in the nitrogen cabinet cannot fill the cabinet 100%. Therefore, the anti-oxidation of the nitrogen cabinet cannot be absolutely oxygen-free. In other words, the items stored in the nitrogen cabinet will still be oxidized. However, compared to the normal environment, the oxidation of the items stored in the nitrogen cabinet has become extremely slow. In its use, these few oxidations are within the acceptable range. The oxidation protection of these items has then been successful.

Nitrogen cabinets that can achieve ultra-low humidity capabilities can be used by filling industrial moisture-proof cabinets with nitrogen. The industrial moisture-proof box itself has the ability to achieve low humidity. At this time, filling nitrogen can not only achieve low humidity, but also achieve an environment full of inert gas, which can truly achieve the best anti-oxidation effect!